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Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. of Nassau, Bahamas sells vehicles in 'as is' condition. 'As is' condition means that vehicles are sold in their current condition without warranty implied or explicit. Because of the nature of used vehicles, it is impossible to be aware of everything right and wrong with the vehicle. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. will do its best to accurately report the condition & quality of all vehicles purchased from our inventory.


'AS IS' POLICY, QUALITY CONTROL & GRADING                                                                                                                       Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. uses careful quality control measures to select its stock and publish its details to our customers.


I. Grading System - Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. uses the highest standards to select our stock. We only select stock that qualifies in our grading system as GRADE 3.5 or above. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. uses the following grading system for customers to better understand  the condition of our vehicles. One grade point refers to the vehicles exterior condition and a second refers to the interior condition. Customers must understand these grade points are only estimations by professional technicians and should be used for reference only.



Fair used car condition. May have more than 2 minor dents and/or  scratches. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. suggests that some body work $USD 800 to upgrade to condition 4.
Fair interior condition. Interior contains some minor blemishes, possible cigarette burns/trace, wear marks. Floor may need additional cleaning.



Good used car condition. Fewer than 2 minor dents and/or scratches. About $USD 1,000.00 needed to upgrade to condition 4.5.

Clean interior. May need some simple cleaning. Floor mats, seats, panels etc. may contain some minor blemishes.



Excellent used car condition. No obvious scratches & dents.
Very clean interior. No obvious blemishes etc.



Close to NEW condition. No scratches & dents.
Close to NEW condition. No blemishes etc.


II. After the cars are acquired and transported to Rick’s Car Mart Ltd.’s motorpool, they undergo a basic examination. Each vehicle is graded on two scales, INTERIOR CONDITION and EXTERIOR CONDITION. If the condition is unsatisfactory by Rick’s Car Mart Ltd’s standards, Rick’s Car Mart Ltd's professional technicians will move the vehicle to Rick’s Car Mart Ltd.

III. All Rick’s Car Mart Ltd’s cars undergo a mechanical inspection. Cars are checked for basic road function. Engine noise, AC, electrical function, lamps, brakes, clutch, steering etc. are all examined for basic functionality. This is only a simple mechanical inspection (is not an inspection done with dismantling). Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. Recommends that customers always perform a full inspection & basic servicing after the car is received to ensure comfortable and safe use.

IV. All Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. vehicles undergo a surface inspection. All glass parts are inspected. Any obvious dents and scratches are recorded (some may be repaired). All obvious blemishes (exterior and interior) are recorded. Car accessories and options such as stereos, heated seats, power options, fog lights, aftermarket parts etc. are checked and recorded.

V. After inspections, final INTERIOR CONDITION and EXTERIOR CONDITION grade points are issued and all recorded information is published to our website. Several digital photos are taken of the vehicle (front / side, back / side, interior, engine bay, damaged areas) and published to our website. Additional pictures can be requested by the customer.

VI. Before vehicle is released to the customer the interiors are cleaned with a vacuum machine (fabric seats may be steam cleaned). The exterior of the car is washed and polished and the engine is pressure cleaned.




Select Vehicle
1.  Visit Rick’s Car Mart Ltd’s website http://www.rickscarmartltd.com/
2.  View Rick’s Car Mart Ltd’s online catalog http://catalogue.rickscarmartltd.com/
3.  Select the vehicle of your choice by country and manufacture’s model
4.  Select the make of the vehicle of your choice from the selected manufacture
5.  Choose the model of the selected make and the preferred manufactured year of the vehicle.
6.  View the details and photos of your chosen vehicles.

Make Application
7.  Press icon “How to Apply”
8.  Fill out an application online http://www.rickscarmartltd.com/apply.html
9.  You will receive a price for the vehicle of your choice via an email / fax / pick-up from our office.

Support Documents
10. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. Will require the following support documents:

  •       Must be on current Job one year.
  •       Current Job Letter (up to 3 months).
  •       Passport or Legal Photo I.D.
  •       Last Pay Slip or Check Stub.
  •       National Insurance Card.
  •       Valid (Driver’s License).
  •       Insurance Quotation.
  •       Salary Deduction Accepted from recognized Employers Only.
  •       Loan print out (not more than one week old).


11. Either a full (100%) or partial (50%) payment of the purchase price is required to be paid within (48 Hrs) of confirmation of the vehicle to the customer's account and prior to shipment with any balance due upon notification of shipment.

12. For some customers, special payment arrangements may be considered. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. Will assist any of our customers who are requiring bank financing.

Final Payment
13. Final payment must be made before Rick’s Car Mart Ltd will release the vehicle. If the final balance payment is not received within five (5) days, Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. will apply storage fees at a rate of $25/day. Customers are responsible for any storage charges (and any other fees) that may occur if the vehicle is held.

14. If the final balance payment is not completed within Ten (10) working days after the scheduled date Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. reserves the right to sell or otherwise dispose of the vehicle in any manner which they may elect and any Deposit paid shall be forfeited in its entirety and apply cancellation fees.

15. In the event of cancellation of purchase by applicant after or during approved financing by Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. Or any other lending institution, the attached deposit is automatically forfeited to cover cost and inconvenience.

16. Purchaser acknowledges that sale is final. Absolutely no refund will be entertained.

Order Acceptance/Confirmation
17. Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. website reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason.
Order Cancellations
18. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. reserves the right to cancel or reject any order you place with us, and/or to limit quantities on any order, without giving any reason. If we reject your order, we will attempt to notify you using the e-mail address, phone numbers or any other contact you have given us with the order.

19. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. Will not accept order cancellations for any reason.

The following penalties will be applied for cancellations that are absolutely necessary:

a. Orders cancellations from Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. (before car is shipped)
An absolutely necessary cancellation will be subjected to a penalty of 20% of price of the vehicle.
In addition Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. may in some cases suspend the customer's account and stop all dealings.

b. Orders cancellations from Rick’s Car Mart Ltd.(after the car is shipped)
In all cases, if an order is cancelled after the car has already been shipped, 30% of the price of the vehicle will be CONFISCATED by Rick’s Car Mart Ltd.to cover losses. The car will be auctioned to other Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. customers, any remaining monies from the deposit will be returned to the customer after the vehicle is sold.


Vehicles purchased through our on-line catalog will require a 1 week to 10 day period to deregister the vehicle before making arrangements to ship. All vehicles sold are used vehicles and therefore are sold in “as is” condition without warranties or conditions. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. retains full ownership of the vehicles until full payment is received. The length of the voyage can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Full Pre-Delivery Service
Prior to the delivery of the vehicle to you Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. will:
1.  Inspection & licensing the vehicle from the time of delivery until the  customer’s birth month
2.  Clean, wax and polish the exterior of the vehicle
3.  Check windshield wipes
4.  Full service and replace battery if required
5.  Clean interior and shampoo carper if required
6.  Replace floor mats if necessary
7.  Check the following items:
     a.   Radio, CD & Tape Player
     b.   Speakers
     c.    Navigation System
     d.   Dashboard Instruments
     e.   Windshield
     f.    Windshield Blades & Wiper Sprayers
     g.   Windows & Windows Controls (If Applicable)
     h.   Headlights (Hi & Lo Beam) & Signal Lights
     i.    Horn
     j.    Spare Tire
     k.   Tires, Tools & Jack
     l.    Seat Controls  (Manual)
     m.  Seat Controls (Power)
     n.   Mirrors (Outside & Rearview)
     o.   Mirror Controls (Power)
     p.   Mileage / Kilometers
     q.   Gas Reading
     r.    Upholstery
     s.   Mileage (After Service)
     t.   Overall Interior & Exterior
     u.   Engine
     v.   Battery
     w.   Air Condition & Heating Systems

Delivery of the vehicle is guaranteed within seventy two (72) hours after pre-delivery service. Provided the full payment is received along with the insurance cover note.




Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. customers understand that vehicles are purchased from Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. in 'as is' condition (please see section 2).
If it is discovered that false information was given thus affecting pre-qualification assessment, any deposit made shall be automatically forfeited. Ricks Car Mart Ltd. is indemnified from any cost, legal or otherwise, arising due to failure by the purchaser to complete purchase.


Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. guarantees parts support for any vehicles purchased through Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. Will seek to satisfy requests for original manufacturer parts or aftermarket parts if available. http://www.rickscarmartltd.com/online.html

Parts will be supplied at near at-cost prices (adding taxes & duty) and can be delivered by DHL, marine cargo, loaded in a purchased vehicle to be shipped or any shipping method requested by the customer.




Vehicle parts subjected to wear from day-to-day normal driving. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. expressly limits the warranty to thirty (30) days on transmission and the engine on vehicles.  All repairs must be made by our authorized dealer.  The purchaser hereby understands and agrees that amongst the items specifically excluded are electrical systems, brakes and braking systems, CV Joints, Tie Rods, Suspension, Shocks systems, Road Tires, Hub Caps, Rims/Wheels, Exterior Door/Window Shades, Spoilers/Tails, Radio/Cassette/CD Systems, Radio Antenna, Television systems, Navigation systems, masts and Aerials and all related components of every kind whatsoever.

The following items are checked prior to Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. Purchasing the vehicle:
a.  Check engine for oil leaks, mounts and condition on motor.
b.  Check transmission for oil leaks mounts and condition on transmission Fluid.
c.  A/c system checking.
d.  Power window motor and track checking.
e.  C/V joint and thyroids inspection check.
f.   Brakes systems/ check and pads.
g.  Checking Radiators for leak.
h.  Checking vehicles for water damage.
i.   Original mileages on vehicles.
j.   Tires checking.
k.  Checking Spear & Jack
l.   Checking vehicles for seat belts. New law in Nassau knows.
m. Checking Speed omiter tampering.
n.  Engine cleaning.
o.  Checking front and rear shocks.
p.  Exhaust system check.
q.  Checking dash board for coming apart between the wind screen and dash.

Neither Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. nor its affiliates, subsidiaries or designees nor each of their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, third-party content providers, designers, contractors, distributors, merchants, sponsors, licensors or the like (collectively, "Associates") warrant that use of the Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. website will be uninterrupted or error-free or free from viruses or other harmful components. Neither Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. nor its Associates warrant the accuracy, integrity or completeness of the content provided on the Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. website or the products or services offered for sale on the Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. website. Further, Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. makes no representation that content provided on the Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. website is applicable to, or appropriate for use in, locations outside of the United States. Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. and its Associates specifically disclaim all warranties for the website and the parts being sold thereon, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No oral advice or written information given by Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. or its Associates shall create a warranty.

Under no circumstances shall Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. or its Associates be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from your use of or inability to use the Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. website, including but not limited to reliance by you on any information obtained from the Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. website that results in mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion or corruption of files, viruses, delays in operation or transmission, or any failure of performance. The foregoing Limitation of Liability shall apply in any action, whether in contract, tort or any other claim, even if an authorized representative of Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. has been advised of or should have knowledge of the possibility of such damages. User hereby acknowledges that this paragraph shall apply to all content, merchandise and services available through the Rick’s Car Mart Ltd’s website.

These terms must be accepted prior to purchasing any vehicles from Rick’s Car Mart Ltd. Purchase of any vehicle or vehicles indicate that all terms and conditions are accepted.